‘Akordi’ is a chord of many simultaneously sounding voices. Agreement and solutions to complex problems can only be found when all relevant parties find their own voice and make it heard.

Akordi acts as a neutral party, or mediator, in public policy and decision-making processes that involve multiple parties, conflicting interests, and complex issues. 

Akordi’s speciality is to tailor a unique process through which multiple parties can solve environmental (e.g. natural resource & land-use) conflicts, through joinf-fact-finding, negotiations and building trust.

We emphasize the importance of recognizing and responding to stakeholders’ key interests as a condition for successful problem-solving. Akordi a forerunner in Finland offering and developing the professional role of a neutral party/helper in environmental collaboration, conflict resolution, and public policy mediation. We work closely with the leading international experts of the field and we actively participate in academic discussions internationally and at home. Our goal is to promote and develop collaborative, multi-sectoral approach in Finnish policymaking and decision-making and while doing it, create a wiser and more sustainable society.