Thinking Environment training in Helsinki 4th & 5th Nov

What if you could host groups and meetings with fresh energy, more lightness and with more attention to mutual appreciation? In a Thinking Environment, all of this is possible. Join our in 2-day intensive course on the Thinking Environment and Transforming Meetings™ in Finland and learn the methodology that has changed the lives of political leaders, business people and managers, teachers, community leaders, families and facilitators.

More information:

The trainer: Barbara Oliveira (PhD, MBA, LLM) is a Thinking Environment™ facilitator, process designer, change agent and conflict transformation mediator, strategic negotiator and host of meaningful conversations. Barbara is also a Master Certified Integral Coach™ passionate about human connection and the potential that multi stakeholder participatory approaches offer to create innovative and inclusive solutions for sustainable development challenges.

Barbara Oliveira is Akordi’s mentor and member of the board of advisors.