How to win together

Winning and being a winner are two very different things when it comes to interest based negotiation. During a one week course in Joensuu about Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution this distinction was elaborated with an exercise that can be used in recognizing three important factors in successful negotiation. In August 2018 NOVA University Network organized together […]

Jyväskylä published its first strategic Forest Programme created in inclusive stakeholder collaboration

The city of Jyväskylä has published its first strategic Forest Programme. The consensus building process facilitated by Akordi had five different phases: 1) stakeholder assessment, 2) defining the process and its goals, 3) joint fact-finding, 4) finding and discussing the solutions and 5) compacting the programme. The sixth phase will be implementation and evaluation phase. […]

Iijoki River Visioning Process

Iijoki is a great river flowing through Northern Ostrobothnia. The river is harnessed by hydroelectric power production and it’s characterized by similar problems and needs as other river valleys of its kind. One of the common factors is a requirement to recover the vitality of migratory fish stocks. It has been recognized that the river […]

Tools for Collaborative Governance -training on Thursday 29.10.2015

PROGRAM 8:00           Coffee 8:30           Morning Session: Framework for Collaborative Governance (Participants are asked to bring a case or situation for discussion that they are facing or have faced that might benefit from collaborative approaches.) Why Collaborative Governance is a Necessity in 21st Century Defining Collaborative Governance and its Unique Dynamics in Public Problem […]

Fifteen Things We Know About Environmental Dispute Resolution

Professor Lawrence Susskind, a faculty member at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor was asked “What do we know about environmental dispute resolution?”. He offered the following list of fifteen things we know – for an actual fact. The list is from the PON Daily blog […]

Jonna and Lasse invited to the CBI Global Network

The CBI Global Network In spring 2014, following the 20th Anniversary Symposium, the Consensus Building Institute convened and hosted the first gathering of The CBI Global Network, a diverse community of leading practitioners and scholars spanning the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. See Network members:

Interview with Professor Larry Susskind

MIT Professor Lawrence Susskind visited Finland in June 2014. His visit started with a two-day summit on Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution in the Fiskars Village one hundred kilometers west of Helsinki in Southern Finland. The summit gathered twenty leading professionals from local and national government, the Sámi Parliament, large Finnish corporations representing energy sector, […]