Aviapolis Stakeholder Workshops

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Aviapolis is a new urban center in Vantaa, to be built next to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In the City of Vantaa’s Aviapolis project, stakeholder workshops were organized to outline potential directions for future development of the area together with international partners and local stakeholders. Akordi was responsible for facilitating the workshops in early 2019.

In the first phase of the Aviapolis project, the City of Vantaa met with its international partners to jointly outline the future of the district based on the results and ideas of the development study conducted by Professor Max Hirsh of the University of Hong Kong. Based on Hirsh’s study, the City of Vantaa began the development of Aviapolis by investigating the concept of a multi-use space that would serve as a place for meetings, events, culture and commercial activities. The concept, called Aviapolis X, was developed together with the actors and interested partners in the area. Akord facilitated the workshops in both phases of the project.

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