Development Work for Urban Planning in Nurmijärvi

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In 2021, the city of Nurmijärvi launched a development initiative to implement the recommendations outlined in the report produced by the City Planning Development Working Group. The primary objective was to collaboratively address the suggestions and objectives from the report, ensuring their compliance with the Land Use and Building Act. Akordi played a key role in supporting the city by mapping and harmonizing diverse perspectives on the constraints and possibilities for urban planning development.

Akordi’s work began with an initial assessment, including interviews with city officials and elected representatives, along with a comprehensive review of background material related to urban planning development. The initial assessment was used to build a shared understanding of the critical questions to be addressed in the initiative. This process also served to foster trust between the Akordi and the stakeholders. Following the assessment, Akordi guided the city in defining the project’s goals, rules, and working methods. Internal dialogues were initiated to discuss the constraints that emerging solutions must adhere to, and preliminary brainstorming sessions explored potential pathways for progress. As part of the project, Akordi organized and facilitated two workshops designed to foster constructive discussions and innovative problem-solving.

Jonna Kangasoja
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
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