Enhancing Community Engagement and Project Launch for Helsinki’s West Harbor Expansion

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Helsinki Port Ltd. is planning to expand the capacity of both the West Harbor, and a tunnel connection towards Länsiväylä. Akordi planned and facilitated two significant events related to the project designed to engage the local community. In September 2022, an informative resident interaction session set the stage for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) phase of constructing the Länsiväylä tunnel connection. Following this, the second event took place in November 2022: a public hearing event on the EIA program. These two events aimed to provide insights into project details, and obtain feedback both on potential alternatives and planned evaluation methods. These efforts contribute to increased project transparency and enhance the acceptability of the impact assessment.

Akordi also took charge of designing and facilitating the project organization’s kickoff meeting in March 2023. This event served to outline project objectives and develop the trust, commitment, and performance of the project team. 

Juha-Pekka Turunen
Senior Associate
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