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The Forest Stewardship Council – FSC – is an international, non-profit and open association that is committed to strengthening the sustainable use of forests via certification.

At the start of 2020, Akordi was requested as a neutral party to assist in the negotiations and work in updating the Finnish FSC standard. In this assignment, Akordi applied the guides and principles of its international partner Consensus Building Institute (Consensus Building/Conflict Resolution Toolkit for National Forest Certification Standard-Setting Process).

The Finnish FSC standard development group approved the proposal for the updated standard in early 2021. The standard sets the future baseline for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable management of FSC certified forests in Finland. The negotiations in the Finnish standard development group included members from three FSC chambers: the Social Chamber, the Economic Chamber and the Environmental Chamber. All chambers must agree on the proposal, so mutual understanding is required from the negotiations. Consensus on the proposal contents wasn’t reached until overtime, even after years of negotiations.

Finnish forest industry and civil organizations are widely represented in the standard development group. The Social chamber consists of associations that represent forest industry employees, outdoor companies and organizations, and the Sámi people . The Economic Chamber represents the forest industry, machine industry, and forest owners that are members in FSC. The Environmental Chamber consists of environmental organizations.

The updated standard meets the newest FSC principles and criteria, and is better equipped to meet the modern forestry challenges. Next the international FSC reviews the proposal, and assesses it based on its principles and criteria. It will also consider how the proposal meets international sustainable forestry indicators, and it will also likely request revisions before final approval.

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