Revision of Helsinki’s urban nature management practices

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The Helsinki Urban Environment Division set up a working group to revise the city’s urban nature management policies. In 2022, Akordi planned and facilitated three workshops to support this work.

The city of Helsinki is revising its urban nature management policies, and the city asked Akordi for support in the planning.

Akordi planned and facilitated two half-day workshops in spring 2022 and one full-day workshop in autumn 2022 for the Urban Environment Division’s working group tasked with the revision. The main objectives in the workshops were to:

  • support the working group in building a consensus on what impact the Helsinki City Strategy has on urban nature management policies,
  • identify and discuss any differing views and interests the participants might have regarding urban nature management,
  • support the participants in aligning these differing interests better, and to
  • support the revision planning and the definition of key topics and tasks.
Juha-Pekka Turunen
Senior Associate
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