Enhancing Collaboration in the Koitajoki River Basin: The Koitajoki-Koitere Forum Continues its Journey

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In the Koitajoki River Basin in North Karelia, a collaborative model has been developed among various stakeholders to harmonize diverse objectives and improve the condition of the basin’s water systems. To further strengthen and advance this collaboration, Akordi designed and implemented a workshop in October 2022, commissioned by the North Karelia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre).


The development of regional collaboration in the Koitajoki River Basin was initiated within the scope of the Koitajoki sub-project under the Freshabit LIFE Integrated Project (2016-2022). The collaborative group, composed of different stakeholders, has served as a platform for sharing and disseminating information in the region. For instance, the group has organized the Koitajoki-Koitere Forum for several consecutive years now, showcasing ongoing projects and research while bringing together regional stakeholders for discussions. Although the Freshabit LIFE IP project is concluding, the hope is for collaboration to persist and become increasingly concrete.


Akordi designed and facilitated a workshop that took place on October 7, 2022, during the Koitajoki-Koitere Forum. The workshop involved a diverse group of stakeholders coming together to discuss their collaborative aspirations and explore ways to address previously identified challenges surrounding the collaboration


Key elements identified for the success of collaboration included securing participation and engagement of the relevant parties, establishing clear and transparent division of responsibilities and roles, effective coordination of collaboration efforts, and ensuring efficient and timely communication and exchange of relevant information.

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