Building a Collaborative Platform for Reindeer Husbandry and Wind Power

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The need for a more open dialogue and better mutual understanding had been recognized both in the wind power sector and in reindeer husbandry, and it was considered that this would improve collaboration.

The work of constructing a collaborative platform began in 2020 in discussions hosted by Akordi between the Finnish Wind Power Association and Reindeer Herders Association.

During this planning the purpose and aims for the meeting were drafted in a way that would align with the interests of both groups, ensuring acceptance of the process.

After the initial phase, the associations and Akordi summoned the members of both the associations in September 2021 and September 2022 to discuss the needs, and deepen mutual understanding. The summit  of reindeer herders and wind power industry also garnered attendance from regional councils, ELY Centres, Metsähallitus (the Finnish forest administration). The process has been supported by two large workshops and by a working group consisting of representatives from the concerned parties. Akordi has supported and guided the collaboration and dialogue as an external neutral partner.

The discussions concluded with the recognition of a need for further dialogue between the associations to develop a mutually approved framework for future interactions with wind power and reindeer herders. Hence, this led to the drafting of best practices for communication and negotiation between the planners of a wind park and reindeer herders during a power plant’s planning phase. These practices will be published in December 2022 as a written guidebook.

During the discussions it was apparent that well timed, early communication and information exchange and mutual understanding was considered very important. Especially the reindeer herding cooperatives valued being contacted early during a project planning and being shown trust and respect. All parties also felt that for the collaboration to work everyone has to commit to maintaining good communications and holding their end of agreements.

The mutually approved framework highlights views, needs and hopes of both industries regarding best practices at each stage of wind power project planning. However, each area and project is unique, and the guidelines are not to be applied as they are without a case-by-case assessment. The framework also suggests best practices for wind power planning only within heerding areas outside the Sámi homeland. Planning practices for projects within the Sámi homeland were not considered during these discussions.




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