The Sámi Cultural Rights – Future Dialogues on Finnish Democracy

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Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen met with Sámi youth in November 2017 as part of the Future Dialogues on Finnish Democracy project celebrating the hundred years of Finnish independence. Akordi was involved in facilitating the dialogue between the youth and the Minister of Education on the current state of Sámi languages ​​and culture.

The Sámi youth met in Helsinki to share their experiences related to the three Sámi languages spoken in Finland and to discuss topics such as language’s relationship to identity. The dialogue was jointly organized by the Finnish Ministry of Justice and the Sámi Parliament Youth Council to raise awareness on the endangered status of the Sámi languages and culture and to discuss the preservation and revitalization of the languages. Another goal set for the dialogue was to begin preparations for the planned reconciliation process between the Sámi and the Finnish state from the perspective of Sámi youth.

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