Supporting infrastructure planning in ‘Highway 180 KURKELA-KUUSISTO’ project

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The ELY Centre of Southwest Finland is drafting a new road plan to improve the stretch of highway 180 between Kurkela-Kuusisto on Saaristotie (Island archipelago road). The history behind the project is long, and it has included its share of disagreements. The plan was appealed, but the supreme administrative court overruled them. Hence, the project planning could continue. This has a big impact on the road’s connectivity and safety, and also on the development of Kaarina’s urban structure and land use planning.

Akordi’s role in the planning was to support and enable the interactions between project planners and stakeholder groups, to identify the critical stakeholder needs that need solving, and to assist the contractor and planners with any challenging interactions by trying to anticipate them and helping to resolve them.

To support the road planning, Akordi interviewed several experts involved with the project, municipal representatives and administration from Kaarina and Parainen, and relevant stakeholder groups within the project area. The interview results were compiled into a report, which helped identify key factors to consider in the planning and stakeholder engagement, and locations that should be especially considered. Such locations were then visited during the drafting phase of the road plan, also including consultations with land owners.

The final plan is to be ready in 2023.

Juha-Pekka Turunen
Senior Associate
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