Tampere area vision for local train network

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Plans to create a local train network for the Tampere urban area are underway. The need and interest for local trains has been identified in agreements on land use, housing and transport (MAL agreements), and in the Tampere region land use plan 2040.  Public transport development also aids the Tampere urban area to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

A need has been recognized to evaluate the potential for local trains in the Tampere urban area. This includes evaluating their role in the public transport system and how they’d aid in achieving the goals set for the transport sector. The results of this evaluation will play a key role when designing the community structure and other transport networks in the area. The planning involves several stakeholders that vision a future for local trains in the Tampere urban area. This also means evaluating what is required to fulfill this vision.

Akordi’s role was to support the entire process, and to design the stakeholder engagement. Akordi also interviewed the involved stakeholders at the start of the project. This was to find out what they consider the key aims and obstacles for the local trains, and what they expect from the work. Akordi took these views into consideration throughout the planning process by employing tools to enhance stakeholder engagement and interaction.

The work also included workshops to facilitate stakeholder engagement. Akordi collected and compiled the comments made by stakeholders throughout the planning to help reflect on them.

Juha-Pekka Turunen
Senior Associate
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