The Future Vision of Helsinki’s Public Transportation and Citizen Adaptability

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In autumn 2019, the City of Helsinki launched a comprehensive future analysis of its transportation systems. The initiative aims to evaluate how environmental shifts will influence the city’s transportation systems and strategize how to prepare for these changes. Akordi conducted an adaptability analysis under the scope of the city’s initiative, which will provide recommendations for navigating these changes in collaboration with residents and other stakeholders.

Using the analysis, Helsinki aims to proactively respond to impending changes in the city’s transportation systems and critically examine the city’s development and trajectory of change. As part of this initiative, previous recommendations of city residents and stakeholders to the transportation system plans were identified. The adaptability analysis sought to enhance understanding of the actors involved in the development of the Helsinki metropolitan area’s transportation, their interests, key questions, and potential methods of addressing them in future development efforts.

Emma Luoma
Chief Operating Officer
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