The Dicstrict Vision for Herttoniemi

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In the spring and summer of 2018, the Herttoniemi district (comprised of Western Herttoniemi, Herttoniemenranta, and Roihuvuori) developed its vision, outlining the shared aspirations of various stakeholders in the district for its future and generating ideas on how to achieve this future. Akordi, in collaboration with MDI and Mapita Oy, was responsible for planning, executing, and facilitating the vision work.

The vision for Herttoniemi, co-created by residents and city stakeholders, extends to the year 2030. The key focus of the work was to foster dialogue between local residents, users of the area, and city planners, with the aim of establishing a shared understanding. The resulting publication of the district vision synthesizes ideas generated during this process, laying the foundation for the future development of Herttoniemi. Collaboratively crafted aspirations for the area’s development ideally mean that citizens and officials can also work together to bring this vision to life.

The vision process began with a situational analysis in late 2017. Background interviews were conducted to explore expectations and needs, involving approximately 55 individuals from the area. Around 30 participants represented so-called ‘silent groups,’ including young people and immigrants. Key city officials were interviewed, and workshops were organized for internal city actors to refine the vision’s goals. In the spring of 2018, work on the district vision continued through “open vision evenings”, which garnered considerable interest, with over 100 participants in each event. Progress was also made via a Facebook discussion group established for the district vision. During the vision process, a web-based map survey of the Herttoniemi district was conducted, collecting responses from over 2,000 participants.

Throughout the process, directions for development of the area were jointly identified, and concrete opportunities for constructive collaboration were explored. The vision process enabled citizens to participate in the long-term planning of their surrounding environment and work together with planning professionals, as well as introducing a new collaborative approach to urban development.

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