The Päijänne Area

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The “Päijänne Branding Project”, carried out by the city of Jyväskylä and Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2018, promoted cooperation between sustainable and responsible activities in the Päijänne region. The project also explored the interest of regional operators in applying for UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status. In the project’s final workshop, led by Akordi, the outcomes of the project’s events and investigations were reviewed, and options were considered for the next steps.

The Päijänne Branding project engaged stakeholders in the Päijänne region. These included municipalities, education and research organizations, forestry, agriculture and fisheries operators, tourism promotion organizations, businesses, amoung other organizations. Actors were engaged in an open discussion on the development of sustainable and responsible activities and cooperation in the region. The project also sought to explore the suitability of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve model as a platform for cooperation.

The Accord was involved in planning and facilitating the final workshop. Prior to the workshop, Akordi reached out to ten key stakeholder representatives to obtain background information, aiming to clarify the objectives of the workshop, future plans for the project and common interests of the actors. Jonna Kangasoja from Akordi began the workshop with a lecture on environmental negotiation and collaboration processes.

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