The Tampere Eteläpuisto Park

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In 2015, the City of Tampere began an urban planning project involving the Southern Park and the surrounding neighbourhoods. The project aimed to develop the area through infill construction. Akordi, as a neutral third party, provided assistance between 2015 and 2016 by facilitating discussions and building a dialogue between the city and its residents. This helped with navigating any disagreements during the drafting of the local plan.

The City of Tampere began the zoning process for the Southern Park area, located on the west side of the city center, as part of the strategic development project for the downtown area. The city’s goal was to create new residential and commercial properties in the area through infill construction. The plans garnered both praise and opposition, with various organizations and citizens actively participating in the debate both via  existing civil groups and newly formed tenant groups.

As a neutral intermediary, Akordi aided in fostering discussions and resolving conflicts between the City of Tampere and its stakeholders. This was achieved by conducting an analysis of the situation and disputes based on an initial assessment, establishing a framework for a process acceptable to all parties, and facilitating dialogues and negotiations aimed at resolving contentious issues.

Jonna Kangasoja
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
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