Training for Flood Group Leaders

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has established flood groups for coastal regions and catchment areas identified as significant flood risk areas.These groups are comprised of representatives from regional Center for Economic Development, Transportation, and the Environment (ELY centers), regional councils, municipalities, and regional rescue services.

On May 28, 2019, the Finnish Environment Institute organized a training led by Akordi that provided training to the leaders of flood groups. Topics such as initiating and strengthening stakeholder collaboration, as well as managing and resolving conflicts were covered in detail.

During the training, discussions revolved around the challenges faced by flood groups and insights were shared from the groups’ initial meetings. The training also aimed to equip flood group leaders with the practical tools to construct a collaborative process that addresses both immediate concerns and fosters common benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Jonna Kangasoja
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
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