Water System Restoration Training

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Akordi recently gave a nation-wide Water System Restoration Training that took place between June 2021 and January 2022. The training was part of a larger project funded by the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and aimed to update and enhance the expertise of professionals in the field, as well as develop practices for water system restoration. The training was conducted remotely, and targeted at people working in the field of water restoration and management. Covering a broad range of subjects, the course consisted of seven training days involving expert lectures and group work, a personal development task, and 1-2 regional site visits. The entire course was equivalent to 5 credits, and participants received a certificate that can be used for further studies. 

Highlights of the course content included:

  1. Functioning and variability of aquatic ecosystems.
  2. Impact of watersheds on water systems.
  3. Identification of special features, problems, and how to select measures addressing them.
  4. Proceeding with and managing restoration projects.
  5. Monitoring the effectiveness of restoration projects.

During the training, participants worked on topics related to their own work or professional development. Development tasks included subjects such as: stream restoration, eutrophic lake restoration, watershed restoration, trout spawning area restoration, removal of aquatic vegetation, consideration of water body restoration in drainage declarations, impacts of bottom dams on aquatic bird habitats, permitting issues in restoration projects, climate resilience of wetlands, water pumping and recycling, the importance of riparian zones in rivers, crayfish recovery, peatland restoration, the role of base drainage and flood protection in catchments, stormwater management legislation, advice on restoration projects, troubleshooting grant issues, prioritization of stream locations, the use of GIS tools, developing stakeholder engagement, and procurement in planning.

Jonna Kangasoja
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
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