Training and coaching


We provide training for cities or other actors, focusing on better understanding of different interaction methods. In our training, participants can learn, among other things:

  • how to reach the participants
  • how to identify critical issues in advance
  • how to prepare for interaction
  • how to use active facilitation in interaction situations
  • how to identify and manage the roles of expert and facilitator at different occasions
  • how to create an internal understanding of an organization’s or other group’s goals
  • how to generate widely accepted design solutions
  • what to do when there is little trust
  • how to anticipate and resolve conflicts


In our facilitation training, participants can learn, among other things:

  • how to create a stimulating and safe discussion atmosphere
  • what is the role and role of the facilitator
  • how to use different methods, space, activation, questions
  • how to improve your work methods
  • What are the different stages of the discussion?
  • how to make insightful and profound questions
  • how to create space for different voices to be heard

In addition, we provide a facilitation service for audience and stakeholder events. We prepare events together with the client and produce documentation of the events. Alternatively, we can also act as coaches for the city’s own employees in preparing events without participating in the events ourselves.

Other training services


Windpower acceptance workshops