What could a collaborative initiative to monitor water quality between local communities and mining corporations look like? Would such an endeavour increase transparency and accountability? The event below examines the first Nordic trial of collaborative water impact monitoring for mining operations, which took place in Sodankylä under Akordi’s guidance. 

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Puistokatu 4 and live-stream

The impact of mining on local water bodies is a pressing concern in Finland. Even experts find the interpretation and assessment of water sampling results to be difficult to understand. Research has also shown that measurements conducted by mining companies, regardless of their technical execution, often face skepticism when outsourced to consultants. Collaborative water monitoring, where local stakeholders work together at various stages of the monitoring process, can help improve the reliability and comprehensibility of monitoring data and predict and prevent harmful environmental impacts.

Akordi’s seminar will introduce the collaborative water impact monitoring model developed in Sodankylä in 2023. In a project funded by the Nessling Foundation, mining companies and the local community, led by Akordi, have together identified information needs beyond statutory monitoring requirements, planned monitoring methods, and agreed on their implementation. In addition to presenting the project’s results, the seminar will explore the potential of collaborative monitoring methods in environmental impact management.

Read more about the work that Akordi has been doing in Sodankylä.


3:00 PM Opening Remarks, Katja Bargum, Science and Executive Director, Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation

3:10 PM Addressing the Challenges of Collaborative Water Impact Monitoring, Juha Kotilainen, Akordi (english subtitles)

3:30 PM Building a Collaborative Platform for Mining-Related Water Impact Monitoring in Sodankylä, Emma Luoma, Akordi (english subtitles)


Kari Siirtola, Mining Coordinator, Sodankylä Municipality
Johanna Holm, Environmental Director, Boliden Kevitsa
Matti Riipi, Reindeer Herder, Sattasniemi Paliskunta

4:10 PM Functions, Gaps, and Development Needs in Monitoring, Ismo Pölönen, Professor of Environmental Law, University of Eastern Finland (english subtitles)

4:30 PM Commentary: Tapani Veistola, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

4:45 PM Discussion and Questions

5:00 PM Event Closes

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