Mutual Gains Approach

We apply the Mutual Gains Approach (MGA) developed by our partner, the Consensus Building Institute. The Mutual Gains Approach emphasizes the importance of recognizing and responding to stakeholders’ core interests as a key to successful problem-solving. The approach is well suited for integrating private and public interests through assisted negotiation.

The Mutual Gains Approach builds on a long tradition of theoretical and applied research on negotiation at Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.  Original points of reference include Fisher & Ury (1983) Getting to Yes – Negotiating agreement without giving in, which introduced an interest-based model of principled negotiation, and Susskind & Crukshank (1987) Breaking the Impasse: Consensual Approaches to Resolving Public Disputes, where the interest based negotiation model was applied to multi-party problems in the public domain.