Regional Flood Risk Management Groups

Regional flood risk management groups, set by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, work together with public authorities, the private sector, owners of land and water, water users and third sector organizations to minimize flood damages in Finnish river and coastal areas identified to be at flood risk. Akordi supports flood risk management work around Kymijoki River and Kotka and Hamina coastlines during the year 2019 by training leaders of the flood risk management groups and facilitating workshops.

The workshops are part of a larger flood risk management process. The goal of the process is to produce management plans that cover all significant flood risk areas in Finland. The management plans will define objectives for flood risk management and measures to address them. For these measures to be successfully implemented, it is important that public authorities work together with both public and private entities, since their involvement is mostly based on voluntary participation.

Akordi’s role in the flood risk management group’s work is to provide expertise in participatory collaboration. Akordi’s methods are based on strengthening understanding between the stakeholders and finding the best ways to implement necessary actions.  During spring 2019, Akordi coached leaders of the flood groups in leading and strengthening stakeholder cooperation and in conflict resolution and management.