Situation Assessment / Conflict assessment


With situation assessment, we help identify which are the key issues in terms of the problem at hand, what kind of relationships the parties have and how the methods of collaboration should be developed. An assessment made by a neutral party is usually based on interviews with key parties and helps with planning the process and focusing on the right questions.

Supporting infrastructure planning in ‘Highway 180 KURKELA-KUUSISTO’ project

Early 2021, ‘Highway 180 KURKELA-KUUSISTO’ project was launched with the aim to improve the highway’s connectivity and safety, and to aid the development of Kaarina’s urban structure and land use planning.

Helsinki City Strategy (2021-2025): Methods and solutions for aligning differing strategy priorities

Akordi assisted the city of Helsinki in aligning conflicting interests in the city strategy. The interests in question were city growth, biodiversity, and local recreational areas. Helsinki’s new city strategy (2021-2025), titled ‘A Place of Growth’, places city growth as one of the main goals,…

Negotiations and mediation between the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Greenpeace and the Finnish forest administration Metsähallitus in 2018-2021

The concerned parties commissioned Akordi in autumn 2018 to assess the prolonged forestry conflicts in the Kainuu region. In order for the conflict to be resolved the national level aspects had to be discussed as well. A twelve member working group was founded from members of the concerned organizations including national directors and forest experts of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and Finnish Greenpeace. The group convened 14 times between November 2019 and January 2021. The scope of the work expanded significantly from what was initially planned to include all state owned forests in Finland.

Conflict assessment: Sámi herding cooperatives and Metsähallitus

In 2020 the lingering tensions between Sámi reindeer herders and Metsähallitus forestry called for framing the conflict. In a novel approach, a neutral party intervenes in a lingering conflict to get a clearer picture of the situation. Conflict analysis is sometimes a part of environmental conflict mediation. It isn’t research, since it has a more practical goal; to lay the foundation for resolving the conflict.

Evaluation of the Fishing Agreement of Tenojoki River

The fishing agreement between Finland and Norway on the Tenojoki River entered into force in March 2017. During its preparation, the Finnish Parliament outlined that the fishing agreement and its functionality should be evaluated three years after its enforcement. Akordi, appointed by the Finnish Ministry…