Capacity building


Through training and sparring, we aim to provide capacities for collaboration between multiple actors and for planning and carrying out processes aimed at integrating different goals. We support our customers in implementing these tools and help them identify what is needed in each situation. In our trainings, we review more deeply the basic principles, processes and personal skills of collaboration.

Regional Flood Risk Management Groups

Regional flood risk management groups, established by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, work to minimize flood damages in Finnish riverine and coastal areas identified as flood risk areas. This collaborative work involves public authorities, the private sector, land owners , water rights holders, and third sector organizations. Akordi supported this work in 2019 by training leaders of flood risk management groups in Kymijoki river and the coastlines of Kotka and Hamina. The work also included facilitating workshops.

Pioneers into Practice

Pioneers into Practice programme is part of a Europe wide EIT (European Institution of Innovation and Technology) Climate-KIC network. Its purpose is to give birth to new innovations, business and practices for building a more sustainable society. Climate change mitigation requires novel solutions…

Update of Vantaa master plan

Vantaa updated its local master plan, and Akordi supported the work in 2019. The plan covers future plans for construction, housing, services, recreation, and managing increasing amounts of traffic. Akordi facilitated events where Vantaa residents discussed the future of the city with city representatives. Akordi also consulted the master planning group on how to best organize stakeholder engagement and participation.

SWOT analysis of Kokemäenjoki river Water Vision 2050

In summer 2022, Akordi carried out a SWOT analysis to identify the challenges and opportunities with the Kokemäenjoki river Water Vision. Kokemäenjoki river Water Vision 2050 is a common and holistic vision for a desired state of the Kokemäenjoki watershed in 2050. It considers the use of water…