Stakeholder engagement


Often decision-making requires collaboration with different parties. We plan and help to implement processes in which different actors can collaborate meaningfully and effectively.

MAL 2023 agreement for Helsinki region

The planning for the new agreement on land use, housing and transport (Maankäytön, asumisen ja liikenteen suunnittelukierros MAL) for Helsinki region has commenced. The aims featured in the previous MAL 2019 agreement will be revised based on the changed operating environment. Once the agreement is…

Sustainable recovery in Helsinki-Uusimaa region

In autumn of 2020 the regional council of Helsinki-Uusimaa focused its strategic development on improving the framework of its stakeholder interactions. The aim was to synergize the different aims and measures drafted earlier in the regional plan, climate road map, traffic and transportation plan, and…

Helsinki region MAL 2019 agreement

An agreement on land use, housing and transport (MAL) is a strategic plan that outlines how land use, housing and transportation is to be developed during the upcoming decades. Helsinki MAL 2019 combines the visions of the 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region, and outlines how the Helsinki region…

EKOTEKO project

EKOTEKO - Ecological compensations from theory to practice was a joint research project by University of Helsinki, the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Akordi. The project aim was to find a practical way to implement ecological compensations by combining science, dialogue and experimentation.…

Vital Vantaa program

In 2018 the city of Vantaa established a working group to prepare a program and measures for increasing the city’s appeal and vitality. This included drafting new policies regarding business and employment, methods for increasing the city’s appeal, and aims for culture, sports and events. The program was collaboratively drafted by the involved stakeholders in workshops, which Akordi planned and facilitated.

DAC – Dwellers in Agile Cities

Akordi was involved in DAC - Dwellers in Agile Cities research project to help support the project’s societal impact. DAC was funded by the Academy of Finland between 2016-2019, and it focused on the regular urban citizen as a driver of urban development and change. Akordi supported the researchers and stakeholders involved with the project to identify potential mechanisms for change linked to the project aims. Thanks to Akordi’s facilitation, research assignments and stakeholder interactions supported each other.

Update of Vantaa master plan

Vantaa updated its local master plan, and Akordi supported the work in 2019. The plan covers future plans for construction, housing, services, recreation, and managing increasing amounts of traffic. Akordi facilitated events where Vantaa residents discussed the future of the city with city representatives. Akordi also consulted the master planning group on how to best organize stakeholder engagement and participation.

No Net Loss City

Ecological compensations refer to measures that compensate the lost biodiversity in one location with at least equivalent biodiversity gains in another. The No Net Loss City project introduces the first model for ecological compensations for land use planning in municipalities. The model is tested and…

Oulujoki watershed vision 2035

The Oulujoki river watershed is getting its own watershed vision to better integrate differing needs and interests in the region.  The Finnish Environment Institute leads the project titled “Vitality from the Kainuu Lakes to the Gulf of Bothnia - Oulujoki watershed vision 2035 (ARVOVESI)”, and the…