Planning and Zoning


Balancing Growth, Biodiversity, and Climate Goals in Tampere: A Comprehensive Assessment

Various international climate and nature strategies set targets for urban land use. However, attempting to harmonize the goals of growth, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation presents challenges due to potential conflicting interests. The City of Tampere commissioned Akordi to conduct…

Assessment of Collaboration Challenges in Vantaa City’s Service Network

Akordi conducted an in-depth situational analysis in the spring of 2023, mapping collaboration challenges relating to the service network in the City of Vantaa City. The primary emphasis of the analysis was to explore the difficulties in cooperation between the different responsible units and individuals…

Development Work for Urban Planning in Nurmijärvi

Akordi assisted the city of Nurmijärvi by identifying and harmonizing diverse perspectives concerning the constraints and possibilities for urban planning development.

The Dicstrict Vision for Herttoniemi

In the spring and summer of 2018, the Herttoniemi district (comprising Western Herttoniemi, Herttoniemenranta, and Roihuvuori) developed its own vision, describing the shared aspirations of various stakeholders in the district for its future and generating ideas on how to achieve this envisioned future. Throughout the process, directions for development of the area were jointly identified, and concrete opportunities for constructive collaboration were explored. The vision process enabled citizens to participate in the long-term planning of their surrounding environment and work together with planning professionals, as well as introducing a new collaborative approach to urban development.

The Tampere Eteläpuisto Park

In the Spring of 2015, the City of Tampere began an urban planning project involving the Southern Park and its surrounding areas. The project aimed to develop the area through infill construction. Akordi, as a neutral third party, provided assistance between 2015 and 2016 by facilitating discussions and helping resolve conflict in the preliminary meetings of the urban planning project, involving the City of Tampere and key stakeholders, including various resident groups.

Sustainable recovery in Helsinki-Uusimaa region

In autumn of 2020 the regional council of Helsinki-Uusimaa focused its strategic development on improving the framework of its stakeholder interactions. The aim was to synergize the different aims and measures drafted earlier in the regional plan, climate road map, traffic and transportation plan, and…

Update of Vantaa master plan

Vantaa updated its local master plan, and Akordi supported the work in 2019. The plan covers future plans for construction, housing, services, recreation, and managing increasing amounts of traffic. Akordi facilitated events where Vantaa residents discussed the future of the city with city representatives. Akordi also consulted the master planning group on how to best organize stakeholder engagement and participation.

No Net Loss City

Ecological compensations refer to measures that compensate the lost biodiversity in one location with at least equivalent biodiversity gains in another. The No Net Loss City project introduces the first model for ecological compensations for land use planning in municipalities. The model is tested and…

Building a Collaborative Platform for Reindeer Husbandry and Wind Power

The need for a more open dialogue and better mutual understanding had been recognized both in the wind power sector and in reindeer husbandry, and it was considered that this would improve collaboration. The work of constructing a collaborative platform began in 2020 in discussions hosted by Akordi…