Developing a Collaborative Water Monitoring Platform with the Local Community and Mining Companies in Sodankylä

A collaborative water monitoring project is being developed in Sodankylä, Finland, to address concerns about the impact of mining on local waterways. The project, led by Akordi and funded by the Nessling Foundation, involves collaboration between mining companies, the local community, and various stakeholders. The goal is to improve the credibility and clarity of water monitoring data and address information needs beyond legal requirements. The collaborative group aims to create a functional model for joint water impact monitoring, with results to be presented at an open seminar in November 2023.

Construction of a Collaborative Platform monitoring the Impacts of mining on Water Quality in Sodankylä

The project's objective is to create a collaborative water impact monitoring model with Sodankylä mining companies and local stakeholders and embed it in the local operational culture. The project's outcomes serve as a model for the mining sectors in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Facilitating stakeholder interaction in GOVERMAT research project

GOVERMAT project (2022-2025) focuses on the circular economy applications of critical raw minerals in electric mobility. Akordi is responsible for the project’s stakeholder workshop facilitation. GOVERMAT (2022-2025) is a project funded by the Academy of Finland, and it focuses on the circular economy…