Policy processes


Facilitating a Nordic cormorant working group

The great cormorant is protected under the EU Birds Directive. Because of this the population growth has been strong in the Baltic Sea region during the past few decades. Conflicts between cormorants and humans, with fishermen in particular, have occured. Management of cormorant populations is not only…

Preliminary assessment regarding the updating of Finnish national land use guidelines

Akordi was a partner in a preliminary assessment regarding the updating of Finnish national land use guidelines. The assessment was performed in collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland Law School. The national land use guidelines are a planning instrument and system required by…

Negotiations and mediation between the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Greenpeace and the Finnish forest administration Metsähallitus in 2018-2021

The concerned parties commissioned Akordi in autumn 2018 to assess the prolonged forestry conflicts in the Kainuu region. In order for the conflict to be resolved the national level aspects had to be discussed as well. A twelve member working group was founded from members of the concerned organizations including national directors and forest experts of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and Finnish Greenpeace. The group convened 14 times between November 2019 and January 2021. The scope of the work expanded significantly from what was initially planned to include all state owned forests in Finland.

Evaluation of the Fishing Agreement of Tenojoki River

The fishing agreement between Finland and Norway on the Tenojoki River entered into force in March 2017. During its preparation, the Finnish Parliament outlined that the fishing agreement and its functionality should be evaluated three years after its enforcement. Akordi, appointed by the Finnish Ministry…

The Sámi Cultural Rights – Future Dialogues on Finnish Democracy

As part of the Future Dialogues on Finnish Democracy project celebrating the hundred years of Finnish independence in 2017, Akordi was involved in facilitating the dialogue between the youth and the Minister of Education on the current state of Sámi languages ​​and culture.