Tampere area vision for local train network

Plans to create a local train network for the Tampere urban area are underway. The need and interest for local trains has been identified in agreements on land use, housing and transport (MAL agreements), and in the Tampere region land use plan 2040.  Public transport development also aids the Tampere…

Balancing Growth, Biodiversity, and Climate Goals in Tampere: A Comprehensive Assessment

Various international climate and nature strategies set targets for urban land use. However, attempting to harmonize the goals of growth, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation presents challenges due to potential conflicting interests. The City of Tampere commissioned Akordi to conduct…

Preparing the Jyväskylä Urban Region for the MAL Agreement

In the summer and fall of 2020, the Jyväskylä urban region geared up for the land use, housing and transport (Maankäytön, asumisen ja liikenteen suunnittelukierros MAL) agreement negotiations. Prior to these discussions, municipalities within the urban region, led by the city of Jyväskylä, worked…

Enhancing Community Engagement and Project Launch for Helsinki’s West Harbor Expansion

Helsinki Port Ltd. is planning to expand the capacity of both the West Harbor, and a tunnel connection towards Länsiväylä. Akordi planned and facilitated two significant events related to the project designed to engage the local community. In September 2022, an informative resident interaction session…

A Workshop on the Accessibility Vision in Transportation

In March 2023, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Traficom organized a stakeholder workshop focusing on the accessibility of transportation and digital services. In the workshop, providers of transportation services, representatives of disability and elderly organizations, users, and government authorities collaboratively deliberated on what would constitute a good vision for the accessibility of the transportation system and what aspects should be taken into consideration in the visioning process. Akordi designed and facilitated the event.

Developing Low-Emission Transportation in Päijät-Häme

In autumn 2019, the Päijät-Häme Regional Council began working to promote low-emission transportation in the region. Akordi served as an expert in communication for the project and was responsible for workshops conducted in collaboration with stakeholders.

The Future Vision of Helsinki’s Public Transportation and Citizen Adaptability

In autumn 2019, the City of Helsinki launched a comprehensive future analysis of its transportation systems. The initiative aims to evaluate how environmental shifts will influence the city's transportation systems and strategize how to prepare for these changes. Akordi conducted an adaptability analysis under the scope of the city’s initiative, which will provide recommendations for navigating these changes in collaboration with residents and other stakeholders.

The Dicstrict Vision for Herttoniemi

In the spring and summer of 2018, the Herttoniemi district (comprising Western Herttoniemi, Herttoniemenranta, and Roihuvuori) developed its own vision, describing the shared aspirations of various stakeholders in the district for its future and generating ideas on how to achieve this envisioned future. Throughout the process, directions for development of the area were jointly identified, and concrete opportunities for constructive collaboration were explored. The vision process enabled citizens to participate in the long-term planning of their surrounding environment and work together with planning professionals, as well as introducing a new collaborative approach to urban development.

Planning Principles for Good Air Quality in Helsinki’s Urban Boulevards

The City of Helsinki initiated a consultancy project in early 2017 to establish target-based planning principles for air quality in urban boulevards. Trafix Oy, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and Serum Architects conducted the work, and a wide range of stakeholders participated in the planning, with Akordi assisting in facilitating discussions during stakeholder workshops.

MAL 2023 agreement for Helsinki region

The planning for the new agreement on land use, housing and transport (Maankäytön, asumisen ja liikenteen suunnittelukierros MAL) for Helsinki region has commenced. The aims featured in the previous MAL 2019 agreement will be revised based on the changed operating environment. Once the agreement is…

Sustainable recovery in Helsinki-Uusimaa region

In autumn of 2020 the regional council of Helsinki-Uusimaa focused its strategic development on improving the framework of its stakeholder interactions. The aim was to synergize the different aims and measures drafted earlier in the regional plan, climate road map, traffic and transportation plan, and…

Helsinki region MAL 2019 agreement

An agreement on land use, housing and transport (MAL) is a strategic plan that outlines how land use, housing and transportation is to be developed during the upcoming decades. Helsinki MAL 2019 combines the visions of the 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region, and outlines how the Helsinki region…

Supporting infrastructure planning in ‘Highway 180 KURKELA-KUUSISTO’ project

Early 2021, ‘Highway 180 KURKELA-KUUSISTO’ project was launched with the aim to improve the highway’s connectivity and safety, and to aid the development of Kaarina’s urban structure and land use planning.

Public Participation for Nurmijärvi Ilvesvuori local detailed plan

In spring 2021 the municipality of Nurmijärvi began drafting a local detailed plan for the northern Ilvesvuori area. The updated plan would allow for a large Kesko Corporation logistics centre. This has caused concerns in the neighborhood regarding, for instance, negative impacts during construction. Nurmijärvi…