Navigating the Future: A Vision for Tampere Urban Region’s Commuter Train Evolution

The future vision of the Tampere urban region’s commuter train was developed in a phased process through the graduate thesis of Sini Raita-aho, who served as an intern and project researcher at Akordi. Her thesis, titled “Advancing Regional Cooperation – Negotiation Process in Coordinating Interests in Regional Transportation System Collaboration,” was approved by the Faculty of Management and Business at the University of Tampere in November 2022.

The thesis examined the commuter train survey in the Tampere urban region, where Akordi played a key role in fostering interaction in a phased process that coordinated various interests. Throughout the process, stakeholders’ interests were identified and collaboratively addressed, aiming to create a shared vision guiding future actions.

Figure 2: Stages of the survey. Translated from Sini Raita-aho’s PhD thesis.

Raita-aho’s graduate thesis, as illustrated in Figure 2 outlining the stages of the survey, highlighted the emergence of a new approach to managing collaboration in the region through phased negotiation methods. The study suggests that phased negotiation processes and coordinating interests are effective means to achieve sustainable cooperation in regional planning processes. The regional context provides an opportune environment for negotiation methods, emphasizing the significance of acceptability throughout the entire process.

The Tampere City Region commuter rail transport vision for 2030 and 2050 and the roadmap for its implementation. [Finnish]

Sini Raita-aho’s PhD thesis [Finnish]

Project Page: Tampere Urban Region Commuter Train Development Vision and Requirements [Finnish]