SWOT analysis of Kokemäenjoki river Water Vision 2050

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In summer 2022, Akordi carried out a SWOT analysis to identify the challenges and opportunities with the Kokemäenjoki river Water Vision.

Kokemäenjoki river Water Vision 2050 is a common and holistic vision for a desired state of the Kokemäenjoki watershed in 2050. It considers the use of water resources, river basin management, and fisheries. This vision was planned in collaboration with regional stakeholders, ELY Centres and regional councils in 2017. However, the goals set in the visioning had not been reached, which was why the ELY Centre commissioned Akordi to review the appropriate next steps in the vision implementation.

The assessment centred on 17 stakeholder interviews. This meant interviewing 27 regional and local stakeholders. The interview results and a preceding desk review of visioning documentation laid the foundation for the SWOT analysis. The analysis focused on the vision’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and on external threats and opportunities stemming from the operating environment. In addition to the SWOT analysis, the review resulted in proposals for different scenarios and concrete measures for the future of the Kokemäenjoki Water Vision.

Lasse Peltonen
Chairman of the Board
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